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This data set contains 930 variables for 266 named neighborhoods. The data also includes the names Vessels in Port and Balance of NPA for a total of 268 names. In the complete file, the neighborhoods are arranged by an assigned neighborhood number. This number appears in the original data and roughly indicates neighborhoods in geographic proximity. The complete file contains four tables.

The data was obtained through the Census Bureau's 1980 Decennial Census Neighborhood Statistics Program.

After confirming that this data was no longer available in a usable electronic format, the data from was carefully keyed in by staff at Johns Hopkins University, Government Publications Maps and Law Library. Permission was obtained from Gloria Griffin, Baltimore City Department of Planning to make this data available.

Any questions about the file should be directed to:

Sharon Morris
Data Coordinator/Librarian
Johns Hopkins University
Milton S. Eisenhower Library
3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Note: All variables from the printed source are included in the file. However, some variables are not in the same sequence as in the original tables.

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