Eight local institutions pooled resources to make census data available by Baltimore's more than 270 neighborhoods. (More..)

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Technical Documentation
From the US Census Bureau. Description of the content of the profiles.

Definitions about the data and technical assistance on how to understand and use these data to improve neighborhoods are provided by the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance. Please contact Phone: 410.235.0944; Email: odette@bnia.org

Find population, social and economic characteristics related to race, income, education and occupation by the traditional city neighborhoods from Abell to Yale Heights. Such data are essential to community organizations, city planners, politicians and researchers.

A variety of products to use:

  • Neighborhood Demographic Profiles by Individual Neighborhoods
    Individual profiles of U.S. Census data about a specific neighborhood are provided by the Baltimore City Planning Department.
    Users can obtain an extensive four-page PDFprofile for each neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood Change Profile 1990-2000
    Provide data from the 2000 Census for each of Baltimore's Neighborhood Statistical Areas. The profiles offer a general demographic portrait that shows changes since 1990 and compares individual neighborhoods to citywide totals for categories such as population, age, family household type and housing characteristics. Tables are in excel format and may be printed or downloaded.
  • Hopkins Historical Census for Baltimore City
    Select neighborhoods and choose from over 400 characteristics such as total population, race, Hispanic origin, educational attainment, income and more.
    Create downloadable tables.