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The Peabody Institute

Located in the heart of Baltimore's Mount Vernon Cultural District, the Peabody Institute was founded in 1857 as America's first academy of music by philanthropist George Peabody. Today, Peabody boasts a preeminent faculty, a nurturing, collaborative learning environment, and the academic resources of one of the nation's leading universities, Johns Hopkins, with which it affiliated in 1977.

Through its degree-granting Conservatory and its community-based Preparatory music and dance school, Peabody trains musicians and dancers of every age and at every level, from small children to seasoned professionals, from dedicated amateurs to winners of international competitions. Among the Conservatory's most illustrious alumni are pianist Andre Watts, vocalists James Morris and Richard Cassilly of the Metropolitan Opera, and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Dominick Argento..

Number Of Students: 767: 341 undergraduate students, 426 graduate students
Number Of Faculty: 173: 70 full-time, 103 part-time
Degrees Awarded:
Annually (2012)
72 bachelor's, 105 master's, 13 DMA, 36 certificates and diplomas
Total Alumni: 6,408 living alumni
Year Established: 1857
Dean: Fred Bronstein