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The Whiting School of Engineering

The Whiting School of Engineering has prided itself on being a leader in innovation and research. Its national acclaim is demonstrated by its highly-ranked departments of Biomedical Engineering and Geography and Environmental Engineering by US News and World Report. The school boasts graduates such as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and chairman of Liberty Media John C. Malone.

Number of Students: 5,728
1,661 undergraduate students / 964 graduate students / 3,103 Engineering for Professionals (part-time)
Number of Faculty: 155 full-time academic faculty, 27 research faculty,
27 research scientists and engineers, 356 part-time Engineering for Professionals faculty
Degrees Awarded:
Annually (2012)
Full-time programs: 336 bachelor's, 280 master's, 69 Ph.D.
Part-time programs: 616 master's degrees, 93 certificates
Total Alumni: 28,330
Year Established: 1912
Dean: T.E. Schlesinger