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Textbook Compliance Taskforce

Textbook Affordability and Compliance

Dear Colleague:

This is a reminder about the Johns Hopkins University's obligations under the Maryland College Textbook Competition and Affordability Act and under the federal Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA). The intent of these laws is to lower the cost of textbooks by ensuring that faculty, staff and students have appropriate options and pertinent and timely information when selecting and purchasing textbooks. The University fully supports this goal and has implemented means for compliance. The University also encourages early selection and adoption of textbooks and course materials in advance of each term of instruction so that students may have opportunity to explore budget-sensitive options. You may access the University Policy on Textbook Affordability online at: http://webapps.jhu.edu/jhuniverse/administration/councils_committees_programs/textbook_taskforce/policy/ .

To comply with the Maryland law, all faculty must acknowledge receipt of the following information from the publisher as they consider selection of textbooks and course materials: title; author; publisher; edition; International Standard Book Number (ISBN); price; substantial content revisions between current and previous edition s of textbooks; availability of materials as bundled or unbundled; other available formats (e.g., paperback or unbound); and, a list of textbooks classified as integrated books. The University encourages all faculty to consider this information prior to selection of textbooks each semester for their courses. Faculty will also be expected to complete and submit an online acknowledgment form periodically. You will receive a letter from your Dean that will include instructions and a link to the acknowledgment form.

The University also must post the following information for all courses within three weeks after selection of course materials by the faculty member, or when selection by the faculty member is finalized, whichever comes earlier: title; author; publisher; edition; copyright and publication dates; ISBN; anticipated enrollment; whether supplemental material is required or suggested and whether a previous edition will suffice; whether selection of course materials has been finalized and a caveat regarding the potential consequences of purchasing course materials prior to being finalized; and, the return policy of the campus bookstore serving the student's division. The University must provide the information above to other bookstores, upon request, within one week of selection or when the selection is finalized. Also, in keeping with the HEOA, to the maximum extent practical, this information will be included in online course schedules for pre-registration, and links to book information should be included on printed course schedules.

I thank you for your consideration and your compliance with this important mandate. You will receive a letter from your program or Dean's office containing contact information for the person in your division to whom you may address any textbook-related questions. In the future, for those terms when you are teaching, you will be notified periodically by your division regarding ongoing compliance with textbook requirements.

Provost Lloyd Minor signature

Lloyd B. Minor

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs