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Statement of Ethical Standards

This statement requires compliance by faculty and staff with all applicable laws and university policies in all university activities, including teaching, research, clinical care, employment and contracting. It is essential that the faculty and staff of The Johns Hopkins University maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct, both in fact and in appearance.

The following principles are the standards of ethical behavior required of Johns Hopkins University faculty and staff.

  1. Faculty and staff are expected to obey all federal, state and local laws, including, but not limited to, those pertaining to equal opportunity, non-discrimination and harassment.
  2. Faculty and staff must abide by the university's Conflict of Interest Policies and its Conflict of Commitment Policies.
  3. Faculty and staff must maintain the confidentiality of information as required under university policies or applicable law, including the confidentiality of personnel, student and patient medical records, and proprietary information.
  4. Faculty and staff members may not accept gifts or entertainment that might influence their decision making or compromise their judgment. Faculty and staff should not accept gifts, hospitality, favors or entertainment with a value of more than $100 from any vendors who have current or pending business arrangements with the university over which that person has authority or influence. If they are uncertain about the value of an offer or whether the offer can be accepted under this policy, faculty and staff should consult with their immediate supervisor. Ordinary business courtesies, such as occasional business lunches (which should be well below $100 in cost), are excluded from this policy.
  5. Faculty and staff should report ethical standards violations as indicated in the relevant university policies; or by contacting the Office of Internal Audits or the Office of Vice President and General Counsel; or by calling the University Hotline at 877-932-6675.
  6. Retaliation against an employee who has in good faith reported an alleged unethical practice will not be tolerated.

Questions concerning ethical behavior should be directed to one's supervisor, the Office of Internal Audits, or the Office of Vice President and General Counsel. Supervisors seeking guidance should contact these same offices.

December 2010