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Campus Life at Johns Hopkins

For more things to do at Johns Hopkins, go to events.jhu.edu.

A campus isn't just a school. It's a small city, with rhythms and needs of its own.

What is it about a place that makes it truly special? At Johns Hopkins, it's a combination of wide, green, inviting spaces in the heart of a bustling city; impressive Georgian brick and white marble; and winding paths through gorgeous landscaping.

Johns Hopkins is an active and supportive community, filled with students of different viewpoints, different cultures, and different backgrounds. The thing that brings them all together is their desire to be here and to celebrate everything this place has to offer.

There's always something going on. Every week offers lectures, concerts, art and photography exhibitions, theater, movies, sports, volunteer opportunities, and whatever else anybody has an idea to do. You'll never run out of things to try.

There are at least 350 student groups and organizations on campus, although that number keeps expanding because students are encouraged to start new clubs to fit their interests - and they don't hesitate to do so! All Johns Hopkins student groups are governed and managed by students, and there is literally something for everybody.

To the left are links to services, web sites, calendars, libraries, campus facilities and other information that help turn our campuses into a thriving and welcoming home town. To the right, you can see a sampling of some of the many events that are happening right now at JHU.