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Homewood Undergrads

Day-to-Day Student Life

I'm new on campus. Anyone want to show me around?
Orientation Homepage
Mentoring Assistance Peer Program
Homewood campus tour
How to Get Here and Where to Park

I'll need a roof over my head. So, where will I live?
JHU Student Housing [on-campus; off-campus]

What's cooking?
Dining Services Info

And I'll be buying all of those books where?
Barnes & Noble Johns Hopkins

Show me the money!
M&T Bank: On Campus Banking

Where do I plug in my computer?
Getting "Connected" at Hopkins

Where do I get my mail?
The Homewood Post Office

Enough about me! What about my family?
Johns Hopkins Parents Association

Back to me! What's involved in getting involved?
Student Activities and Organizations
Get into the Arts at Johns Hopkins!
Student Employment and Volunteer Opportunities
Johns Hopkins Athletics

I've got my future to think about. Does anyone have any advice for me?
Academic Advising
Campus Ministries
Office of Career Planning and Development
Johns Hopkins Counseling Center
Undergraduate Student Handbook

Where do I go if I'm not feeling well and need a doctor?
Student Health and Wellness Center
Health, Wellness, and Crisis Intervention Links

It's important to feel safe and sound.
Homewood Campus Security
JHU Emergency Information and Weather Alerts

Besides all that other stuff, what is there to do on campus?
Things to Do at JHU
Baltimore Collegetown Network
Getting around Hopkins and Baltimore by car, bus, or train