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Carey Business School recently launched its new Web site at carey.jhu.edu

Successful and responsible business leadership: Words that belong together, now more than ever.

With recent events across the spectrum of U.S. and world industry still very much fresh in memory, it's clear why Dean Yash Gupta and the entire leadership of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School are dedicated to inspiring and educating a new generation of global business leaders, charging them to lead businesses with a focus on humanity as much as the bottom line.

This mission comes from the top, but is carried forward every day by the students and faculty of Carey Business School. Assistant professor Lindsay Thompson, author of The Moral Compass: Leadership for a Free World, says that in order to make the best judgment, business leaders must "recognize the gravity of their decision and its impact on others."

According to Dean Gupta, "our primary goal is to develop business leaders who can lead successful, profitable businesses and our curriculum reflects that. To do this well in today's complex global environment requires a level of international sophistication and empathy rarely found in elite business schools."

Established in 2007, the Carey Business School seeks to instill, along with forward-looking business acumen, enhanced principles of responsibility, innovation and optimism in its students in order to advance lives across the world.

This mission takes on new relevance in 2010, with the admission of the charter class of Carey's Global MBA, a new two-year, full-time program designed to be global in perspective and interdisciplinary in business orientation. The first class of Global MBA students will be highly diverse in business background, cultural background and life experience. Admission will be offered both to recent college graduates with exceptional records of academic achievement and to select career-experienced professionals. The class will enroll a significant number of non-U.S. citizens.

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