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A commitment to the community

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More than 1,000 Johns Hopkins students, faculty, staff and alumni fanned out over Baltimore and beyond on Saturday, Sept. 24, to lend a hand to local nonprofit organizations and community centers on the annual President's Day of Service.

Participants took part in more than 40 projects; activities included mentoring children at local schools, working with food providers, planting gardens, painting and helping refurbish buildings, and cleaning streams.

The outreach event, organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Social Concern, demonstrates the transformative power of collective action and the positive impact that Johns Hopkins can make in the community. Volunteers from the Homewood, East Baltimore, Peabody and Applied Physics Laboratory campuses took part in the event, which featured the theme "One Johns Hopkins, One Baltimore."

"One of the things that really stands out to me about this institution is its deep commitment to the community," said President Ronald J. Daniels, who established the Day of Service when he took office in the fall of 2009. "Johns Hopkins isn't just located in Baltimore, but it's very much of it.

"What's exciting is how many different parts of the university are committed. I've talked for years about Johns Hopkins being one university, and it's very exciting to see everyone come together around volunteerism to roll up our sleeves and work for these communities."