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Notable Hopkins Graduates

Peter Agre
M.D., SOM 1974

Shared Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003

  William Foxwell Albright
PhD, A&S 1916

Authenticator of the Dead Sea Scrolls; renowned scholar in Semitics and Near Eastern Studies

Virginia Apgar
MPH, SPH '59

Developed Apgar score used to assess health of newborns

  Dominick Argento
PT.C. PEAB '50 and '51, B.M. PEAB '51, M.M. PEAB '54

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer

John Astin
BA, A&S 1952

Actor (movie, television, and stage); best-known for his role as Gomez in The Addams Family

  Russell Baker
BA, A&S 1947

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the New York Times; host of PBS's Masterpiece Theatre

John Barth
BA, A&S 1951
MA, A&S 1952

Novelist; professor

  Manuel Barrueco
B.M., PEAB '75

Grammy Award-winning guitarist

Jeffrey Blitz
B.A., A&S '90 , M.A. '91

Writer/director of "Spellbound" and "Rocket Science"

  Wolf Blitzer
MA, SAIS 1972

Journalist; CNN anchor

Michael Bloomberg
BS, ENG 1964

108th mayor of the city of New York; founder of Bloomberg L.P., Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Radio

  Carter Brey
B.M., PEAB '76

Principal cellist, New York Philharmonic; soloist

Leroy Burney
MPH, SPH '32

U.S. Surgeon General 1956-61; first federal official to publicly identify cigarette smoke as a cause of lung cancer

  R. Nicholas Burns
M.A., SAIS 1980

Under secretary of state for political affairs; previously ambassador to NATO, ambassador to Greece and, during the Clinton administration, State Department press spokesman.

Rachel Carson
MA, A&S 1932

Biologist; ecologist; author

  Iris Chang
MA, A&S '71

M.A., SAIS 1980


Po Ya Chang
MPH, SPH '74

Taiwan public official and minister of health

  George Comstock
Dr.P.H., SPH '65

Pioneer of tuberculosis control and treatment

Denton A. Cooley
MD, SOM 1944

World-renowned cardiac surgeon; performed first successful human heart transplant in the U.S. and the first implantation of a total artificial heart in a human

  Wes Craven
MA, A&S 1964

Horror film director; best-known for Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream trilogy

John Dewey
PhD, A&S 1884

American philosopher, social critic and educator

  Richard Ben Cramer
BA, A&S 1971

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author

Robert W. Fogel
PhD, A&S '63

Nobel Prize in Economics 1993

  Caleb Deschanel
B.A., A&S '66

Five-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer

Michael Griffin
B.S. physics, A&S 1971; M.S. applied physics, ENG 1983

PhD, A&S '63

NASA administrator beginning in April 2005

  Sheila Dixon

Former Baltimore mayor

Michael Hersch
B.M., PEAB '95, M.M., PEAB '97

Composer, first prize in American Composers Awards (1996)

  Louise Erdrich
MA, A&S '70


Terry Keenan
B.A., A&S '83

Economic/business columnist for the New York Post, anchor for CNN

  Nancy Grasmick
Ed.D., EDUC '80

First woman state superintendent of schools in Maryland

Murray Kempton>
BA, A&S 1939

Pulitzer Prize-winning New York journalist

  D.A. Henderson
MPH, , SPH '60

Led WHO effort that eradicated smallpox

Alexander Langmuir
MPH, , SPH '40

Founded U.S. Epidemic Intelligence Service

  Sheng-Mou Hou
MPH, , SPH '98

Taiwan minister of health

James McPherson
PhD, A&S 1963

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author

  Michele Kelemen
M.A. SAIS 1993

Diplomacy correspondent for National Public Radio

Merton Miller
PhD, A&S 1952

U.S. economist; winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics (1990)

  Jeong H. Kim
BS, ENG '82; MS, ENG '89

President of Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs

Caryle Murphy
MA, SAIS 1987

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, long-time international reporter for The Washington Post

  Victor A. McKusick
MD, SOM 1946

Medical geneticist; author of Mendelian Inheritance in Man, the definitive source of information on human genes and genetic disorders

Antonia Novello
MA, SPH 1982

Physician and former surgeon general under President George H. W. Bush (1990-1993)

  Kweisi Mfume
MLA, SCS (now A&S) 1984

Former President, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Samuel J. Palmisano
BA, A&S 1973

Former chairman of the board and chief executive officer, IBM Corp.

  Walter Murch
B.A., A&S '65

Two-time Oscar-winning film editor and sound mixer

Seth Riggs
T.C., PEAB '54

Vocal coach to pop and movie stars and opera singers

  Tommy Newsom
B.M., PEAB '52

Composer, arranger, performer, winner of two Emmys and assistant conductor of the "Tonight Show" band

Kathleen Schalch
MA, SAIS '88

NPR business reporter

  P.J. O'Rourke
M.A. Writing Seminars, A&S 1970

Journalist, political satirist and author

Hamilton O. Smith
MD '56

Nobel Prize in Medicine 1978

  Awadagin Pratt
Performer's Certificate, PEAB 1989
Graduate Performance Diploma, PEAB 1992

Pianist; winner of the Naumburg International Piano Competition, 1992

Frederick Jackson Turner
Ph.D. history, A&S 1890

Influential historian, best known for the Frontier Thesis

  Martin Rodbell
BA, , A&S '49

Nobel Prize in Medicine 1994

Joanne Silberner
BA, A&S '77

NPR health policy correspondent

  Alfred Sommer
MHS, SPH '73

Discovered link between vitamin A deficiency and child mortality, establishing vitamin A as a cost-effective means of reducing child deaths in the developing world

John A. Wheeler
B.S., WSE '31
PhD, A&S '33

Physicist who helped develop nuclear fission, studied general relativity and coined the term "black hole."

  Andre Watts
Artist Diploma, PEAB 1972

World-renowned concert pianist

Woodrow Wilson
PhD, A&S 1886

28th President of the United States (1913-1921); winner of Nobel Prize in Peace (1919)

  Jody Williams
MA, SAIS 1984

Founding coordinator of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL); winner of Nobel Peace Prize (1997)

Abel Wolman
A&S 1913, ENG 1915

World-renowned water treatment expert; invented modern water treatment techniques

Key to Abbreviations
A&S = Krieger School of Arts & Sciences
BUS = Carey Business School
EDUC = School of Education
ENG = Whiting School of Engineering
PEAB = Peabody Institute
SAIS = Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
SCS = School of Continuing Studies
SOM = School of Medicine
SPH = Bloomberg School of Public Health

The mission of The Johns Hopkins University is to educate its students and cultivate their capacity for life-long learning, to foster independent and original research, and to bring the benefits of discovery to the world.