Established in 1995 by Constance D. Bendann in honor of the Bendann family and Charles Iliff III

CONSTANCE D. BENDANN, who died in 2010, was a longtime volunteer for the Women's Board of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and a member of the Wilmer Eye Institute Advisory Council. Active in Baltimore civic life, she served on the board of the Maryland SPCA and as a volunteer at the Baltimore Museum of Art.


Ms. Bendann's parents, MAURICE and VIOLET BENDANN, were also generous friends of the university, especially dedicated to supporting the Wilmer Eye Institute. A Baltimore art connoisseur, Maurice Bendann died in 1969, directing much of his estate to the Wilmer Institute. When Violet Bendann died in 1985, her legacy fulfilled her husband's intention. The Maurice Bendann Eye Care Center at Greenspring Station was named in recognition of support the Bendanns have provided to Wilmer.

Over the years, the Bendann family has made many cultural and philanthropic contributions to Baltimore. Constance Bendann's great-uncle, Daniel, was a pioneer of American photography. Her grandfather, David, established the Bendann Art Gallery and also contributed to the creation of the Baltimore Museum of Art. More recently, Ms. Bendann's cousin, the late Dorothy Scott Bendann, endowed a chair and scholarship fund at the Peabody Conservatory.


Image Credit: Johns Hopkins Medicine Wilmer Eye Institute CHARLES E. ILIFF III, Med 1936, is considered one of the pioneers of oculoplastics, the surgical restoration of the function and appearance of the eye. A professor emeritus of ophthalmology at Hopkins, Dr. Iliff died in 1997. His son Nicholas T. Iliff holds the Charles E. Iliff III, M.D. chair. W. Jackson Iliff, Charles E. Iliff III's other son, is also an ophthalmologist who has a long association with the Wilmer Eye Institute.


NICHOLAS T. ILIFF, Med 1972, the inaugural Charles E. Iliff III, M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology also holds the Bendann/Iliff Professorship of Ophthalmology. He has spent his entire professional life at Johns Hopkins, joining the faculty in 1977. In 1979 he became an oculoplastic surgery consultant at the Eye Trauma Center. Dr. Iliff is professor of ophthalmology and plastic surgery, and since 1990 has directed the Oculoplastic Surgery Division of the Wilmer Eye Institute. He won the American Academy of Ophthalmology Honor Award in 1985, and is among the top doctors in ophthalmology in the annual Baltimore Magazine rankings.