Established in 1990 by R. Champlin and Debbie Sheridan

R. CHAMPLIN SHERIDAN, A&S 1952, and his wife, DEBBIE SHERIDAN, have played a unique and indispensable role in enabling the university to fulfill founding president Daniel Coit Gilman's belief that "There is no such thing as a great university apart from a great library." Mrs. Sheridan is an honorary member of the Friends of the Libraries National Advisory Council. Mr. Sheridan was university trustee emeritus. He chaired the Friends National Advisory Council from 1990 to 2001. He founded the Sheridan Group in 1967, now one of the nation's leading scientific and medical printers.

In 1994, the Sheridans made an extraordinary leadership gift to ensure the vitality of the libraries by increasing the endowment and supporting much-needed renovations. He remarked that the library--"the foundation of the university"--was a natural focus for his and Mrs. Sheridan's philanthropy because of his success in printing and publishing. In 1998, the Eisenhower Library and its special collections at the John Work Garrett Library, the Albert D. Hutzler Reading Room, and the George Peabody Library were rededicated the Sheridan Libraries to honor the exceptional generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan. Mr. Sheridan died in 2013.


WINSTON TABB, the director of the Milton S. Eisenhower Library, is also Sheridan Dean of the University Libraries and Museums. In this capacity, he directs the integration of new information technologies across the university's five libraries and promotes the role of the libraries throughout the academic community.

As director of the Sheridan Libraries, he oversees the Milton S. Eisenhower Library and its special collections at the Hutzler Reading Room, the John Work Garrett Library at Evergreen House, and the George Peabody Library at Mount Vernon Place.

In addition, he oversees the university's two historic house museums: Homewood and Evergreen House. The museum collections and programs, together with library collections, enhance the university's academic programs and enrich the intellectual and cultural resources at Johns Hopkins.

An active member of a broad range of national and international professional organizations, Dean Tabb is a frequent speaker and strong advocate for digital library development, special collections, preservation, and intellectual property rights.