Established in 1993 by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in honor of King Fahd

Image Credit: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Two King Fahd Professorships, one in molecular medicine and the other in pediatric oncology, represent the mutual interest and support between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States. The nation was governed since 1982 by KING and PRIME MINISTER FAHD BIN ABD AL-AZIZ AL SAUDI. King Fahd, the 11th son of the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, served as minister of education before ascending to the throne. He died in 2005.


ANDREW P. FEINBERG, A&S 1973, Med 1976, SPH 1981, the King Fahd Professor of Molecular Medicine, holds joint appointments in oncology, medicine, and molecular biology and genetics. A pioneer in the field of epigenetic alterations in cancer, Dr. Feinberg discovered altered DNA methylation in cancer, a major cause of gene activation and gene silencing. He also discovered the first human imprinted genes. Imprinting is a form of inheritance that violates traditional genetic rules in that some traits are passed down from only one parent. His findings on genomic imprinting in cancer--which causes activation of growth-promoting genes and silencing of tumor-suppressor genes--offer unique promise for cancer therapy. An author of more than 100 scientific publications, he is a founding fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics and a member of several professional groups. Dr. Feinberg directs the Center for Epigenetics in the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences. In 2011 he received the NIH Director's Pioneer Award.