Established in 1964 by the Robert Garrett Fund

Image Credit: Trafford T. Klots ROBERT GARRETT, president of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, died in 1896. The Garrett family has been among Hopkins' most generous supporters for several generations. The ROBERT GARRETT FUND was established in 1936 by the will of MARY FRICK GARRETT JACOBS (pictured below) in memory of her first husband and designated for support of the surgical treatment of children. During her lifetime, Mrs. Jacobs established a dispensary on North Caroline Street in Baltimore for area children, a summer hospital for children in Carroll County, and the Robert Garrett Hospital for Children in West Baltimore.


Image Credit: Alan M. Chesney Archives, Johns Hopkins Medicine In the 1940s, the Garrett Fund pursued its mission by supporting pioneering physician Alfred Blalock's development of pediatric cardiac surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. The fund expanded its support to other research projects in the 1950s and then joined with the Eudowood and Harriet Lane boards to underwrite construction at Hopkins of the Children's Medical and Surgical Center, completed in 1964. As of December 30, 1999, the value of the Garrett Fund was approximately $35 million. All the income from the fund is devoted to supporting pediatric surgery at Hopkins, including this professorship.


PAUL M. COLOMBANI, the Robert Garrett Professor of Pediatric Surgery, is chief of the Division of Pediatric Surgery and surgeon-in-charge of the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Dr. Colombani specializes in pediatric solid-organ transplantation and directs pediatric transplant programs. He also specializes in general and thoracic surgery for children and newborns. Dr. Colombani trained at Hopkins, followed by postdoctoral research at Hopkins' Transplantation Biology Laboratory. Widely published in the surgical and immunology literature, he is a consultant to the FDA and the U.S. Pharmacopeia. He is board certified in Pediatric Surgery and in Surgery by the American Board of Surgery, 2003, and has been a member or chairman of several professional organizations, including the American Pediatric Surgical Association.