Established in 1999 by patients, colleagues and friends in honor of Donlin Long

DONLIN M. LONG served as director of the Department of Neurosurgery from 1973 through 2000, when he stepped down to devote all his time to research, education, and patient care. He holds a joint appointment at the Applied Physics Laboratory and is a founder of the Laboratory for Technology Transfer.

Dr. Long, who also holds a PhD in neuroanatomy, focuses his treatment and research on tumors of the skull, complex spinal problems, and problems of chronic pain. As director, he led his department to become one of the best of its kind, responsible for major contributions to the understanding of brain systems, brain tumor therapy, and pain treatment. Twenty-three of his trainees have gone on to head neurosurgery departments or divisions in hospitals and medical schools all over the world. In 2001, Dr. Long was appointed a Distinguished Service Professor.


ZIYA L. GOKASLAN, the inaugural Donlin Long Professor of Neurosurgery, joined the Johns Hopkins faculty in 2002 as a visiting professor of neurosurgery, oncology and orthopaedic surgery. Now the vice chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery, Dr. Gokaslan also directs the Neurosurgery Spine Service, specializing in the surgical treatment of spinal tumors. He has developed numerous novel surgical methods to treat some of the most difficult types of spinal cancers. Dr. Gokaslan's research is focused on the development of an animal model for studying the pathophysiology of neoplastic spinal cord compression and defining the roles of proteolytic enzymes in tumor invasion.