Established in 2006 with a commitment made in 1997 by Alfredo and Norma Rivière

ALFREDO RIVIÈRE is founder of the SURAL Group--more than a half-dozen companies with operations on four continents. SURAL subsidiaries fabricate aluminium parts for the automobile and electronics industries, produce synthetic quartz used as timing devices in clocks and dozens of household items, and manufacture electronic chips for cell phones and other sophisticated applications. Dr. Rivière, who went to MIT for his graduate studies in electrical engineering and industrial management, holds nearly 50 patents.

He and his wife, NORMA RIVIÈRE, and their family, travel each year from their home in Venezuela to Baltimore. Mrs. Rivière supported the work of Hopkins physician Paul Ladenson in studying the Yanomami Indians, a Venezuelan tribe with an unusual thyroid condition. She and her husband have generously supported thyroid-related research in South America, as well as programs to eliminate iodine deficiency in Venezuela.


GARY S. WAND, the inaugural Alfredo Rivière and Norma Rodriguez de Rivière Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolism, was a Hopkins postdoctoral fellow from 1983-85, then joined the faculty and is now professor of medicine and psychiatry as well as director of the Endocrine Training Program. An internationally recognized pituitary specialist and director of the Neuroendocrine Service within the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Dr. Wand works as a researcher, educator, and clinician who has provided care to over 2,500 patients with uncommon disorders of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Current research includes understanding genetic determinants of the stress response and how excessive stress hormone production contributes to neurobiological disorders including addiction. His work has been recognized by a Merit Award from the National Institutes of Health and he has received local and national “Best Doctor” awards.