Established in 1989 by David H. Bernstein

DAVID H. BERNSTEIN, A&S 1957, a university trustee emeritus, is past-president of Duty Free International, which operates stores at airports and supplies duty-free items to the diplomatic community. He began his career with a ship's chandler, Samuel Meisel & Company, at the port of Baltimore, eventually taking over the company and transforming it into DFI. His decision to create this professorship was based on his appreciation of how Hopkins prepared him for life. He comments, "The background I received in government and politics broadened my base and opened me up to new horizons. The only way to keep Hopkins where it belongs--at the top--is to maintain a strong faculty."


"If I had one wish, it would be to see the many prominent, successful grads of the School of Arts and Sciences rekindle their interest in the School, go back to their roots, and help the University."
David H. Bernstein


BENJAMIN GINSBERG, the David H. Bernstein Professor of Political Science, directs the Johns Hopkins Center for the Study of American Government. A scholar of American politics, Dr. Ginsberg has authored many books, the most recent of which are Downsizing Democracy; The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State; American Government: Freedom and Power; and the third edition of Politics by Other Means: Politics, Prosecutors and the Press from Watergate to Whitewater. Dr. Ginsberg, who joined the Hopkins faculty in 1992, also serves as director of the Washington Center for the Study of American Government and the Aitchison Undergraduate Fellowship Program.