Established in 1986 by the estate of Anna M. Baetjer, with funding from Dorothy McIlvain Scott

ANNA M. BAETJER, whose career at Hopkins spanned 60 years, was a pioneer in the fields of occupational health and industrial hygiene beginning in the 1920s. An enthusiastic and devoted teacher, Dr. Baetjer was best known for her research into the relationship between cancer and chromium. The author of Women in Industry, Their Health and Efficiency, and a nationally known consultant, she served as president of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and received the first Outstanding Medical Educator Award from the American Occupational Medicine Association. Dr. Baetjer was awarded an honorary doctorate by the university in 1979. In 1997, she received posthumously the AIHA's Alice Hamilton Award.


DOROTHY McILVAIN SCOTT of Baltimore was known throughout Maryland for her generosity and for her plan to bequeath to the Baltimore Museum of Art one of the nation's finest collections of American furniture. She also supportered, over many decades, the university including its historic houses. Miss Scott and Dr. Baetjer were friends from childhood, as had been their mothers. She made her commitment for this chair to ensure that Dr. Baetjer's memory and legacy of excellence would live on. Dorothy Scott died in 2011.


JOHN D. GROOPMAN, the Anna M. Baetjer Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, is internationally recognized for his work in developing novel strategies for assessing human exposures to naturally occurring chemical carcinogens. His primary research is in human liver cancer, the third leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. A member of the faculty since 1989, Dr. Groopman sits on national and international committees, is the author of numerous publications, and has served as an associate editor of the Journal of Cancer Epidemiology as well as Biomarkers and Prevention.