Established in 1992 by AGIP and ENI

AGIP, established as the Italian state-run petroleum company, is now a division of privately owned ENI SpA. Raffaele Santoro, SAIS Bologna '60, who at the time this chair was established served as AGIP's chairman and president, had studied at the Bologna Center on a fellowship in 1959-60, where he met his future wife, Barbara Coleman, SAIS Bologna '60, SAIS '60, also a Bologna Center student. This was one of the first chairs endowed at the Bologna Center, which was founded in 1955 by SAIS to offer a unique opportunity for United States and international students to live and study under an international faculty in a European setting.


MICHAEL G. PLUMMER, Bologna 1982, is professor of international economics at SAIS’s Bologna Center, where he holds the ENI Chair in International Economics. Dr. Plummer serves as director of the American Committee on Asian Economic Studies; editor in chief of the Journal of Asian Economics; senior fellow at the East-West Center (1989-1993); lecturer and adviser to the Asian Development Bank; and team leader and adviser to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Secretariat (2001-2003). From 2006 to 2007, he led a study on the development of ASEAN regional bond market, and he has advised USAID on ASEAN free-trade initiative.

Dr. Plummer has published ASEAN Economic Integration: Trade, Finance, and Foreign Direct Investment ; "Best Practices in Regional Trading Agreements: An Application to Asia" in The World Economy (2007); co-editor of The World Trade Organization: Legal, Economic, and Political Analysis (Vols. I-III)(2005); co-author of Economic Integration and Development: Has Regionalism Delivered for Developing Countries? (2002); as well as numerous articles and reviews in academic journals. He is international advisory board member of the ASEAN Economic Bulletin.