Established in 2001 by the Department of Surgery in honor of Dr. Halsted

Image Credit: Thomas C. Corner WILLIAM STEWART HALSTED is recognized as the most important, innovative, and influential surgeon that the 20th country produced. He came to Baltimore in 1886 with his close friend William H. Welch, the first faculty member of the new Hopkins hospital and, subsequently, the first dean of the School of Medicine. Appointed the first surgeon-in-chief and the first professor of surgery of the medical school, Dr. Halsted helped usher in the modern era of surgery. Renowned as both a surgeon and clinical teacher, he combined experimental work in physiology and pathology with innovative surgical techniques. He left an indelible mark on American surgery and on the practice of surgery itself, through his creation of The Halsted School of Surgery, a training-ground for residents to become not only surgeons but also teachers of surgery.


JULIE A. FREISCHLAG, the William Stewart Halsted Professor of Surgery, is the first woman and only the sixth person in Johns Hopkins Hospital's history to serve as director of the Department of Surgery and surgeon in chief. Her research interests focus on the effects of smoking on hardening of the arteries, and evaluation of a laser to identify types of atherosclerosis in the carotid arteries. She has published more than 100 articles and 27 book chapters, most on the surgical repair of the carotid (neck) artery and abdominal aortic aneurysms. Winner of numerous awards, Dr. Freischlag is a national leader in academic societies and serves on the editorial boards of six major surgery journals. She was recently appointed editor of the Archives of Surgery, and in 2011 was elected the first female vice president of the Society for Vascular Surgery.