Established in 2005.

Image Credit: Boyd Harris Photographers BOONE PICKENS grew up in eastern Oklahoma, where his father was in the oil business and his mother ran the Office of Price Administration during World War II, rationing gasoline and other goods for four counties. After graduating as a geologist from Oklahoma State University, he struck out on his own as an independent geologist. In 1956, Pickens founded Mesa Petroleum Co. with no oil and gas production and only $2,500 in capital. Over the subsequent 40 years that Pickens served as the CEO, Mesa became one of the world’s largest independent oil and gas companies. He later founded a fund management company, BP Capital, and in early 1997 launched BP Capital Commodities Fund. Mr. Pickens is a member of the Wilmer Advisory Council.


WALTER J. STARK, MD, joined the faculty at Wilmer in 1973 and was appointed professor of ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins and director of the Corneal and Cataract Services of Wilmer in 1982. His distinguished professional career spans more than 30 years of service and accomplishment. Dr. Stark is an internationally recognized leader in the area of corneal transplantation, use of the excimer laser, and intraocular lens implantation for rehabilitation of patients with visual disability. In 2004, Dr. Stark was honored at the dedication and naming of the Walter J. Stark, M.D., and Margaret C. Mosher Center for Cataract and Corneal Diseases, of which he is currently the director. The center was made possible through the generous donation of his long-time friend and former patient, the late Margaret C. Mosher. He is a senior honor award recipient of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Currently medical director of the Medical Eye Bank of Maryland and director of the Medical Board of Directors at Tissue Banks International, Dr. Stark was instrumental in the development of both organizations.

Dr. Stark holds both the Boone Pickens Professorship in Ophthalmology and the Walter J. Stark Chair in Ophthalmology.