Established in 2007 through a commitment made by the Pozefsky Family

MARGERY POZEFSKY, Bus 1964, who passed away in 2012, and her husband, THOMAS POZEFSKY, MD, an internist in private practice and assistant professor in the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism in the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, have a long history of philanthropy with Johns Hopkins stemming from the Pozefskys’ personal experience with living donor transplantation. Initially, they provided funding to the Incompatible Kidney Transplant Program and this gift paved the way for further advances within the program, including the addition of Kidney Paired Donation. In 2005, the Pozefsky family and others generously supported a Kidney Paired Donation Consensus meeting in Chicago, convened by the Hopkins transplant team to facilitate national collaborations among transplant experts. More recently, the Pozefsky family partnered with the Johns Hopkins transplant team to work toward a national system for kidney paired donation that would benefit all kidney transplant patients. In endowing this professorship, the family further supports pioneering novel approaches in the field of kidney transplantation.


ROBERT A. MONTGOMERY, the inaugural recipient of the Margery K. and Thomas Pozefsky Professorship in Kidney Transplant Surgery, completed his general surgical training, multi-organ transplantation fellowship, and postdoctoral fellowship in human molecular genetics at Johns Hopkins. An associate professor of surgery and director of the Incompatible Kidney Transplant Program, he is also chief of the Division of Transplantation and director of the Comprehensive Transplant Center. He was part of the team that developed the laparoscopic procedure for live kidney donation, a procedure that has become the standard throughout the world. He is also a world expert on kidney transplantation for highly-sensitized and ABO incompatible patients. Dr. Montgomery is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and has been the recipient of many awards and honors during his career.