Established in 2005 by Nancy and Robert Hall

ROBERT E. HALL, Engr 1955, spent 18 years at T. Rowe Price and Associates and is now a senior officer at Brown Capital Management in Baltimore. His interest in and support of the humanities is shared by his wife, NANCY H. HALL, an avid art lover as well as a longtime docent and trustee of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. The Halls have made a lifelong commitment to promoting the mission of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, and specifically the humanities. In addition, their philanthropy at Hopkins has extended to the Sheridan Libraries, Peabody Conservatory, and several departments within the Johns Hopkins Health System.


FELIPE PEREDA, the Nancy H. and Robert E. Hall Professor of the Humanities, is a specialist in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spanish art and architecture. Dr. Pereda taught in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) before joining Johns Hopkins in 2010. He has also taught in Seville at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide, and in Mexico at the Insituto de Investigaciones Estéticas.

He is a prolific author, whose works include La arquitectura elocuente. El edificio de la Universidad de Salamanca durante el reinado de Carlos V (2000) and Las imágenes de la discordia. Política y poética de la imagen sagrada en la España del 400’ (2007), a book devoted to the politics of the image played in Spain at the end of the Reconquista. He is currently working on two parallel projects: one on the representation of emotions in 16th century Seville, and another one on the status of religious images in Baroque Spain.