Established in 1993 by Clementine L. Peterson in memory of her husband

DUANE L. PETERSON, who died in 1962, was a Baltimore philanthropist and founder of Peterson, Howell & Heather, a national business services firm which became the PHH Corporation. He and his wife served as trustees and directors of a wide range of public and private organizations.


CLEMENTINE L. PETERSON, who was 99 years old at the time she established this professorship, was a prominent Baltimore civic leader. She and her husband shared a great interest in the field of ethics, particularly as it applies to professional life. Mrs. Peterson, who died in 1996, had earlier provided support for a scholarship at the School of Nursing and for programs at the Peabody Conservatory.


Image Credit: Ambarish Manepalli 2011 (c) L. NANDI THEUNISSEN, the Duane L. Peterson Professor of Ethics, joined the Hopkins faculty in the Department of Philosophy in the fall of 2012. She teaches classes in theoretical and normative ethics from both contemporary and historical perspectives.

Before coming to Baltimore, Nandi wrote a dissertation on the value of humanity at Columbia University. Her current research is on theoretical questions about the nature of value. In particular, Nandi is interested in spelling out the idea that the good is the beneficial. Details of Nandi's research program can be found on her personal webpage: http://lnanditheunissen.org/.