Established in 1981 by the University in memory of E. Emmet Reid

Image Credit: Ferdinand Hamburger Jr. Archives, Johns Hopkins University, Milton S. Eisenhower Library E. EMMET REID, who served on the Hopkins chemistry faculty from 1916 until his retirement in 1936, was responsible for the synthesis of more than 75 new organic compounds. An authority on organic sulphur compounds, he is credited with the invention of tear gas. After retirement, Dr. Reid continued his research, doubling his output of published papers to achieve a lifetime total of 172 scholarly articles. He also wrote an autobiography titled My First One Hundred Years. The university awarded him an honorary degree in 1972, one year before his death at age 101.


KIT H. BOWEN JR., the E. Emmet Reid Professor of Chemistry, focuses his research on clusters, which are aggregates of atoms or molecules held together by the same weak attractive forces responsible for the cohesion of solids and liquids. An important goal of modern physical chemistry is the development of a molecular scale picture of condensed phase interactions. Dr. Bowen has used clusters, unique vehicles for studying microscopic aspects of condensed matter, to study many different aspects of chemistry and chemical physics. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society, a recipient of a Senior Humboldt Research Award, and in 2005 was named Maryland Chemist of the Year.