Established in 1991 by Leonard and Helen R. Stulman

LEONARD STULMAN, A&S 1925, and his wife, HELEN R. STULMAN, made an impressive mark on their native Baltimore through both their business and their generous philanthropy. Mr. Stulman achieved great success in construction and real estate and supported the Jewish community, the arts, music, theater, and Johns Hopkins. In addition to endowing this professorship, the Stulmans endowed a lecture series in history and fellowships in the humanities. Mrs. Stulman died soon after their commitment was announced. Mr. Stulman died in 2000.


"I accomplished a dream by making the community a partner, so to speak, in my success. To be in a position to make these gifts has given me and my wife more pleasure than you will ever imagine."
Leonard Stulman


FRANKLIN W. KNIGHT, the Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Professor of History, is an expert on the social, political, economic and cultural aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean. A frequent guest commentator on public radio and television, Dr. Knight has published ten books and more than 80 scholarly articles. In addition to his own scholarship in English, Dr. Knight translated the Spanish-language Sugar and Railroads: A Cuban History, 1837-1959 into English. Elected president of the Latin American Studies Association between 1998 and 2000, he became president of the Historical Society in 2004. He is also a corresponding member of the Academy of Letters of Bahia, Brazil. Professor Knight joined the Hopkins faculty in 1973.