Established in 1994 by Charles A. Miller Jr.

Image Credit: Jay Van Rensselaer/Homewood Photography CHARLES A. MILLER, A&S 1940, joined the Navy after graduating from Hopkins and rose to the rank of commander. On his return to his native Baltimore following World War II, Mr. Miller co-founded, in succession, three successful companies: Industrial Products, primarily a distributor of filter products for cars and industrial applications; Filterite, a manufacturer of industrial filters later bought by Brunswick, Inc.; and the Bank of Maryland Corporation. Prior to endowing this professorship, he and his wife, LOIS MILLER, funded the Charles A. Miller Jr. Undergraduate Laboratory for Mechanical Engineering, located in Latrobe Hall. He was honored by the university Alumni Association with the Heritage Award in 1994 and the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2000. Mr. Miller died in 2009. (Pictured are Dr. Prosperetti, left, and Mr. Miller.)


"A chair enables you to take risks, to do exploratory research without having to rely only on grants. It provides tremendous freedom. Every time I see Mr. Miller, I tell him: 'You have changed my life.'"
Andrea Prosperetti


ANDREA PROSPERETTI, the Charles A. Miller Jr. Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been a member of the Hopkins faculty since 1985 and formerly chaired the department. Mentor to many doctoral students, he is internationally recognized for his research in fluid mechanics--specifically the properties of liquids containing bubbles and other inhomogeneities. This is an area with wide applications, both in technology and the environment. Most recently, with his group, he has devised an innovative bubble-powered micro-pump for use in miniature medical devices. In the last few years he has received a number of awards including, in 2005, the Fluids Engineering Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.